Our old neighbor will not be forgotten

Estate sales, garage sales and yard sales within Mountain City offer opportunities to visit with neighbors.

The news of Roger Green’s death back on Valentine’s Day shocked me. From Abbie Hutchison I heard of the sweet time she and Stu had visiting with Roger at the hospital just hours before he passed away. Someone else told me that some neighbors, including Joe Dunn and firemen, take turns walking his Golden Retriever, Stu.

Abbie recalled how she and Jackie attended council meetings held in the home of Vern Meyer, probably back in the early 90s.

In 2017, Roger sent to me a photo when a Black-bellied Whistling Duck visited his yard for the first time.

Marcia McClendon sent a photo on Friday of a Black-bellied Whistling Duck followed by a long string of ducklings. She captured the photo near the front of Live Oak Drive and commented, “You never know what beauty you may come across in Mountain City.”

“Lonely must be frustrating,” I commented in late April after a Summer Tanager spent weeks in front of our breakfast window. The very next week he brought along a female companion, and the window pecking slowed. She’s back after more than a month away along with a splotchy yellow and red juvenile.

As the tanager saga unfurled, an unidentified plant took hold around our birdbath. It was not until many of them burst forth into bloom in late May that the identity became known. The tall stalks were American Germander, an extremely invasive plant. Our water feature’s leak provided the moist soil in which it thrived.

If you have a water leak, the city water utility department’s software will alert Vicki Senefeld and she will contact you. No one has immunity. Mayor Ralph McClendon heard from her a few weeks back.

KissMe alerted us to perceived danger last week. RonTom discovered a doe charging up to KissMe’s perch on the back porch. I searched for a fawn, looking under bushes. It was 30 minutes before I saw the fawn in plain sight.

We lost elderly, blind, bumbling Starr years ago, in May, as a result of a doe pummel.

KissMe, our Great White Hunter with Red Spots, had his side hide ripped from backbone to belly early in his life. (Close call #1?)

KissMe got locked inside for an entire day on that day last week.

Congratulations to Mountain City’s graduating seniors.

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