Dripping Springs Education Foundation awards student leadership and innovative teaching grants

The Dripping Springs Education Foundation (DSEF) awarded nearly $49,000 in funding through 13 Innovative Teaching Grants and another eight Student Leadership Grants during DSEF’s spring grants program. The Innovative Teaching Grants are awarded to those teachers whose grant application highlights a program, teaching techniques, equipment, or technology requested to improve, advance, or enrich student learning. Teachers awarded with Innovative Teaching Grants were:

• Sycamore Springs Elementary
Drones in Education – $1,079, Roving Reporters – $833: Jennifer Sprague

• DSISD Elementary
Parent University – $2,006: Kim Bird

Growing Ageless Math Enthusiasm & Synergy – $3,310: Carla Bailey

Mighty Tiger Games – $2,920: Shay Diez

• Rooster Springs Elementary
Getting More Out of 45 Minutes of Science – $2,228: Capri Heintz

• Walnut Springs Elementary
A Wristed Development – $1,206: Laura Griffin

• DSISD Special Education
Equals Math Equals

Success Elementary &

Secondary – $7,756:

Erin Hawkins

• Dripping Springs High School
Broadcast to the Future – $7,697: B.J. Mercer

Organic Chemistry Lab – $800: Alissa Nevin    

• Dripping Springs Middle School

Seismic Activity in Real Time – $932: Laura Black

Take Me to the Movies – $2,729, You Can do the Cube – $1,406: Amy Caldera


Student Leadership Grants are designed to foster the development of students’ leadership skills through their efforts to serve their school, community, or others in the world.  Students, together with their faculty sponsors, apply for the grants. Projects receiving funding this spring are:

• Dripping Springs Elementary School

Quotes of Kindness – $112: Kolby Dennison, Lucy Louise Timmins, Allie Jenkins

Faculty Sponsor: Jennifer Crowder

 • Sycamore Springs Middle School

PALS – $2,500: Lillian Lemm, Milan Malinak, Ariana Capek, Zoey Upton, Kaylee Wilson, Cary Austin, Austin Van Burkleo, Taylor Anderson, Maxim Caillabet, Tyler Mayer, Korbyn Jones, Alfredo Vilafane, Margaret Leontier, Reagan Otten, Ramsey Zogaib, Emma Williamson, Julie Leger, Mackenzie Cluver, Eben Sebastian

Faculty Sponsor: Kira Dyer

• Sycamore Springs Elementary
Tiger Friends Leadership Club – $975: Julianna Lamb, Rose McKenna, Kylie Reyes, Ryleigh Neff, Tana Steinbach

Faculty Sponsor: Kim Bird

Student Comic Book Publication/Writing Club – $539: Lucas Patent, Tibo Nguyen, Jonathan Schelling

Faculty Sponsor: Jessica Sigur, Jenny Sprague, Bonnie Wampler

• Dripping Springs High School
Community Star Parties – $900: Megan Hitt

Faculty Sponsor: John Adams

  FIRST Tech Challenge Incubation – $1,122: Connell Gutierrez, Reid Lohman, Kendrick Lemmond, Johnny Dollard, Amy Green, Ian Stinson, Joseph Parsons

Faculty Sponsor: Kathy Shepherd

  Audio & Video Technology – $7,764: Benjamin Cook

Faculty Sponsor: B.J. Mercer

  Dripping Change – $140: Teagan Krewson, Audrey Balsdon

Faculty Sponsor: Michael Lemonds


This fall, DSEF awarded 17 other Student Leadership Grants. During this school year a total of 25 student projects received DSEF funding in excess of $33,400.

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