Eagle Scout project to honor former mayor


ike Marcia McClendon says, ““You never know what beauty you may come across in Mountain City.”

At our house, for over a week, we’ve been mesmerized watching a glamourous red dragonfly with shimmering wings. When I mentioned on FaceBook the dragonfly’s repetitious dipping onto the surface of a puddle at the base of our Big Boulder Birdbath, Penny Moulder commented, “That is how they deposit their eggs.”

A red dragonfly has also visited The Garaway’s on Maple and The Puckett’s midway on Live Oak Drive.

And, Donna Helm on Pecan commented, “I have orange stinging caterpillars eating up one of my new plants.”

Near the front of the city last Wednesday, Teresa Williams caught sight of a roadrunner sitting on the tailgate of a parked pickup truck. “He/she was just sitting looking lost on the back of this truck.”

Drew Hilton, son of Amy “Mountain City Fun” Hilton, started a GoFundMe to raise $3,000 for his Eagle Scout project, a Message Board (for city official notices and Loving Mountain City announcements) and bench that will sit near the front of the city in memory of Mountain City Mayor Phillip Taylor. It was described in council meeting as “TPWD-style”.

To donate, find a link on the Facebook of Loving MountainCity or search for “Drew Hilton” on GoFundMe.com.

Here’s how Drew describes the project:

For my Eagle Project, I will design a new community message center in memory of our Mountain City Mayor Phillip Taylor to honor his goal of a united community. Mayor Taylor was an Eagle Scout himself and helped me and my fellow scouts with our Boy Scout goals in many different ways over the past 6 years. I feel this project best honors him and his service to our community. Any donation is greatly appreciated. The total cost of the project is estimated to be $3,000. All funds raised by this campaign will go directly to the construction of the community message board, the red ribbon cutting, and associated community events represented by the community message center. There will be an “In Memory/Honor Donation” list on the opposite side next to our city trail map. If you make a donation of $100 or more, your loved ones name can be engraved on this list. Please be sure to comment your name and the memory/honor of. For Example: Amy Hilton in honor of her Boy Scouts Drew and Cameron Hilton. If you are a business or community leader that would like to be listed in the business/community leader donors list please comment the name you would like displayed with any donation of $250 or more. Thank you all for your support in this project that is very important to me It is my goal to complete this project by September 1st and have the red ribbon cutting on September 14, 2019. To reach this goal I hope to have collected at least 75% of my campaign by July 29,2019.

Mark your calendar. September 14 is also the date for the annual Fire & Ice Festival.

Send tidbits, please, to ptom5678@gmail.com (subject: tidbit.)

Thanks! Love to you, PTom

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