Kyle estimates $4.2 million overrun on road projects

An estimated $4.2 million overrun is the amount Kyle is looking at for all five of its road bond projects.

Despite the higher than expected costs, city leaders said improvements on Lehman Road, one of the more expensive and contentious projects on the docket, is nearing the halfway mark.

Leon Barba, Kyle city engineer, said the road bond projects inthe $35 million 2013 bond is $4.2 million over budget. Barba said two of the projects, Lehman Road and Burleson Street, still have a long way to go before completion.

Barba said construction on Lehman Road is roughly 36 percent complete. Kyle city leaders said residents who live near the construction has faced longer commutes and wait times, as the construction project has meant rerouting school buses and daily drives for commuters.

After September, construction crews will be moving further north on Lehman Road.

Meanwhile, work continues on Burleson Street, which is slated to be done by late 2020.

Barba said work on Burleson Street from Lockhart Street to St. Anthony Drive will be completed in July. A retaining wall along the road will be completed in September.

Construction is also expected to begin soon on the railroad crossing along Burleson Street, Barba said. It is unknown when or how that project will impact traffic at this time.

“We did get communications back from (Union Pacific Railroad),” Barba said. “They’re going to try to start getting started on that railroad crossing. That’s good news for us.”

Stop signs ahead?
Barba said Kyle is still waiting to hear from the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) on adding stop signs to the Rebel Drive and Silverado intersection. The city is also hoping to decrease the speed limit in the area with approval from TXDOT. Barba said residents should expect notice a week before this begins.

Work continues on Bunton Creek interceptor
Another major project the city has invested millions in is the Bunton Creek Interceptor, a $1.4 million underground pipe that was projected to be finished in February.

However, Barba said inclement weather delayed the project. The project is currently 62 percent complete and a new end date is set for August.

As for new construction, Barba said construction on improvements to Kyle Crossing near the Kohler’s Crossing intersection began June 17 and building at Plum Creek Phase 3 began June 12.

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