Veterans Memorial in the works for Kyle

Kyle elected leaders are in the initial stages of planning for a veterans memorial to be built in Plum Creek.

On July 2, a group of Kyle’s military veterans relayed their thoughts on the memorial’s design and timeline. The memorial is currently designed on the lake in Plum Creek near the Hays CISD Performing Arts Center (PAC).

The initial idea of building a memorial began in 2017 when it was brought forward by former city council member and U.S. Military veteran David Wilson. Additional initial support came from former city council members Damon Fogley and Shane Arabie, who are also veterans.

City leaders are now forming a planning committee to get the project off the ground and into construction.

Wilson said he felt Kyle’s veteran population was deserving of a memoria, similar to those in local cities including San Marcos and Austin which each have memorials.

“It’s something the veterans deserve, and it would benefit the whole community,” Wilson said.

When the project was introduced, the council voted to devote $10,000 of the year’s budget toward the memorial. The council has not then determined a design nor a location.

Last year, according to City Manager Scott Sellers, Plum Creek developers, including Momark Development, drafted a professional plan for the city that sets the memorial’s scene with an American flag, a four-sided obelisk and walking paths around the lake.

“We really did like the Plum Creek location and are trying to get a deal on a flag pole and get a deal on metal work,” Sellers said. “It wasn’t going to be super professional, so we held off, put together mock ups and ran them past Plum Creek.”

Sellers said the two-year delay in progress was due to a lack of funding, but also complications with the site, which he said he believes are starting to clear up.

“It’s taken a few years because this is all being done on private property,” Sellers said.” They have had to work it into their development schedule. There are title issues with the property and figuring out where along the lake. That plan is going to be expensive; they’re hoping to use proceeds from development to match the city’s funding.”

Wilson and other veterans gave their input on the design at the meeting, which will be considered by the city and possibly added to the final design.

The veterans said they hope to see lighting added that would be used in the evenings; others said they hope to see close parking including handicap spots while other residents offered to fundraise and donate their services to the project.

“Basically, everything is left to do on this project,” said Kyle Mayor Travis Mitchell. “The important thing is that we need community members to volunteer to be on the committee. Community support is what’s going get this project done.”

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