Wimberley ISD approves 8% teacher pay raises

An eight percent pay increase is the amount Wimberley ISD educators will see after board trustees unanimously approved the measure Aug. 22.

All staff, teachers and administrators will obtain the pay increase, which was included in the district’s Fiscal Year 2020 budget, per a boost in funding from the state as part of House Bill 3.

Texas lawmakers voted unanimously during the 86th Legislature in 2019 to approve HB 3, which overhauled the Texas school funding system and provided additional money to school districts, including a portion for employee raises and benefits.

Initially, the legislature proposed a one-time $5,000 bonus for teachers. However, lawmakers instead approved a set of guidelines for salary increases that gave district leaders an opportunity to award more sustainable pay raises to their employees. 

“Since the bonus initially proposed by the legislature was only a one-time increase, working closely with the board of trustees, we remained committed to a competitive pay raise based on the state funding and to assure that this was not a one-time pay raise but rather something that is sustainable,” said WISD superintendent Dwain York.

Wimberley ISD’s teacher salary schedule is based on the revised mid-point of $54,930.

According to a WISD press release, a WISD teacher or nurse with 14 years or less of experience will have an annual salary increase of $4,394.40. Those teachers or nurses who have 15 to 30 years of experience will receive an annual salary increase ranging from $4,408.64 to $5,173.36.

Per the release, WISD Chief Financial Officer Moises Santiago worked through the summer to recalculate the budget based on the new funding and to formulate teacher increases before presenting the budget to trustees.

“The WISD administrative team and the board of trustees are excited to offer this significant pay increase to such an incredibly deserving team,” York said.

Cade and Cade, a couple who both work for WISD, celebrated the pay raises.

“We’re both excited about the pay raise and thrilled to be part of a school district that takes care of its employees,” Cade Pharis said in a statement. “It allows us to continue to live and support the community of Wimberley and keep working in education which we love.”

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