Dog killed by neighboring pit bulls in Kyle

Kyle Police are investigating an incident where two loose pit bulls broke into a Kyle resident’s backyard and killed their dog.

According to a release, the incident happened Aug. 31 at a home in the Steeplechase subdivision.

Officials said two dogs escaped from their yard and entered another yard by breaking through a fence, leading to a fight with a third dog. The third dog was killed in the fight, Kyle Police Chief Jeff Barnett said. Animal Control was called to the scene.

According to authorities, the pit bulls were not subject to impound because no persons were injured in the incident, per existing laws. The owner of the two pit bulls was cited for dogs being loose and unrestrained.

Kyle officials said one of the two pit bulls that escaped was involved in an incident and was recently under quarantine by animal control for a previous unintentional bite of a person.

Authorities said the unintentional bite did not warrant the dog to be deemed dangerous as the hand injury was minor and the person bitten wad attempting to corral the dogs in their own yard at the time.

But Fred Gonzales, whose dog was killed in the incident, said he didn’t see that “it was right” that authorities allowed the pit bulls to go home with their owner after the incident.

Gonzales said the pit bulls are a threat to the community and that he no longer feels safe in the subdivision due to the animals.

“They are a threat. They are not dogs…they are vicious animals,” Gonzales said.

Kyle Animal Control plans to complete its investigation and determine whether the pit bull could be deemed dangerous. According to the release, if the animals are deemed dangerous, the owner would be “subject to stringent restrictions” regarding keeping them on their property.

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