Time to light up Mountain City for the holidays


oming soon! “Light Up The City” lights will turn on throughout the city on Thanksgiving weekend, providing holiday enjoyment throughout the Christmas Season. Will you plan, please, to participate?

Old-timers remember the joy of driving back home after Thanksgiving welcomed by a glow from Vern Meyer’s yard at Cedar and Pin Oak. Vern warmed our hearts long before LaVerne McClendon came up with “Let’s Light Up The City” during her time as mayor.

Back then, the city was not well-lit. Now, folks know to drive over to Mountain City to see some glorious displays. (“Glorious” is the word that comes to me. As for me and my house, our lights celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.)

Let me tell you about a high priority … it’s the height of the Big Oak Tree that serves as the focal point of the holiday décor near the city’s entrance.

Loving Mountain City (LMC decorates the city’s property because the city has no budget for holiday decor) needs someone or some entity with access to high-reaching equipment to get the Big Oak Tree ready for Thanksgiving weekend. Another 2,400 LED lights have been donated, so we can go higher … with the help of some Friend(s) of Loving Mountain City.

This year, after Val Cass’s stroke, it cannot be 85-year-old Val.

“Get professionals to do it,” came one suggestion.  Let me tell you … Loving Mountain City (LMC) has an annual operating budget of about $500 for all community activities and service projects. The remainder comes from generous donations for special “elements” such as the band and jump houses for Fire & Ice, and, prizes for July 4th Lawnmower Races.

LMC can spare a stipend to get our dozens of strings of LED lights added. For a little money or as a generous donation, can you or someone you know take care of stringing the lights on the Big Oak Tree between now and Thanksgiving Weekend? Contact me, please. I’m the “lead” for Christmas decor.

Val Cass has started his 2019 plans for stringing Christmas lights, as usual, to bring delight throughout the holiday season. This year the Cass’ decor will be an integral part of Loving Mountain City’s “Light Up The City” on Thanksgiving weekend.

Chief Kyle Taylor sent word our Mountain City fire station will be participating in “Light Up The City.” Last year, Holly and Val Cass and Ron Tom (with some help from others) did the new fire station’s lights because the firefighters were busy with landscaping.

The Tom’s House will light up on Thanksgiving weekend.

Years ago, I went with the adage, “Start Christmas decor after Thanksgiving.” Thanks in large part to Val Cass, I (and many other Mountain Cityians) learned that starting after Halloween at a leisurely pace in order to turn lights on during Thanksgiving weekend takes stress from the project and leaves the holiday season open to enjoy family and friends … and to take time to see the Lights of Mountain City.

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