Long-range facility planning committee being formed for Dripping Springs ISD

The Long-Range Facilities Planning Committee (LRFPC) will begin meeting in November to plan for the next 5-10 years of student growth in Dripping Springs ISD.

The LRFPC serves a critical need for the future of the district, as important decisions are made over the next year to ensure that Dripping Springs ISD continues to serve all students with an outstanding education.

Applications were accepted for membership in the LRFPC from the end of September until Oct. 11. Those who attended meetings and served in this capacity last year were invited to apply as well.

Committee members will be involved in the planning process, and will be expected to commit to attendance at all meetings. In order to create a balanced committee, the membership selection process will consider factors such as role in the district (parent, staff, community) and geographic location of residence.

The current plan for the LRFPC is to meet once each month from November through May – including a second meeting in January – for a total of eight meetings. In addition, there will often be work outside of the meetings in order to make the process effective.  The ultimate goal of the committee is to reach a final consensus regarding future district facilities and to make a presentation to the DSISD Board of Trustees in June, 2020.  

For those members of the community who are interested in this work but unable to attend all meetings, all meetings will be open to the public and anyone will be able to attend and observe.

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