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Hays CISD approves construction risk manager

The firm of Bartlett-Cocke was approved as Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) for 2020 bond election projects for the Hays CISD on Monday night.

The vote was unanimous except for Trustee-at-large Will McManus, who abstained.

The agenda item was presented by Chief Operations Officer Max Cleaver.

Bartlett-Cocke had won prior board approval to act as CMAR in 2013 for the 2014 bond, “future bond programs, and other projects” with a fee of 1.75 percent of the cost of work.

“The desired result of engaging the CMAR early in any project is to cause collaboration between the CMAR, design professional, and owner’s representatives in pre-construction services such as cost estimating, constructibility, reviewing and value engineering,” agenda materials stated.

Superintendent Dr. Eric Wright and district staff had recommended continuing the relationship for major projects in the 2020 bond, “including but not limited to new construction and major renovation projects.”

Engaging a CMAR firm early in the bond project is intended to facilitate collaboration between that firm, design professionals and the district in estimating costs, reviewing constructibility, and “value engineering.”

The Facilities & Bond Oversight Committee (FBOR), made up of residents of the district, also endorsed the use of the firm, the board was told, at its meeting on Sept. 26.

The district announced plans for the bond election, which will be held May 2, months ago and the Bond Committee was empaneled in June. Public forums are expected to be held in late January or early February 2020.

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