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City of Kyle authorizes Phase 2 of Ash Pavilion

The Kyle City Council had a special visitor at its Nov. 5 meeting.

Ash Crane, 11, has a congenital heart condition and has undergone more than 20 procedures in his short life that led to him being approached by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Instead of a trip to
Disneyworld or a major sporting event, Ash chose an unselfish path – to create a space where other people – youngsters and adults alike – could participate in a sport dear to his heart.

Before his family moved to Texas, he was a regular at an ice hockey rink. He’s now switched to roller hockey, in which players wear in-line skates. The Ash Pavilion, as the joint venture between Make-A-Wish and the city of Kyle, will also be adaptable for other sports including basketball.

At the meeting, Ash, in his role as project manager for the construction of the pavilion briefed council members on progress made over the course of the last year – Phase 1 of the project – and asked for their support for Phase 2.

The vote to approve a purchase order for $197,000 for the next phase of the project was approved unanimously.

Mayor Pro Team Dex Ellison, who presided over the meeting in Mayor Travis Mitchell’s absence, applauded Ash’s appearance and the involvement of children in city affairs. “It’s wonderful getting children involved in things that impact their future,” he said. “You are an inspiration to us all – your heart is bigger than the body it is in.”

Ellison went on to praise the boy’s choice in deciding to ask for a pavilion. “That type of leadership and unselfishness is something we sometimes miss even in the adult world.”

“You’re creating a precedent,” Council member Alex Villalobos said. “Standing up for yourself, advocating for yourself – you’re teaching many people with what you’re doing. Thank you, thank your family and all the support system that is in place. You are one example of leadership that all of can learn from.”
Council member Robert Rizo thanked Ash for “thinking of all the other children that want to come out and play sports.”

“I fully support the construction of Phase 2,” said Council member Rick Koch. “Great job on that presentation – I can’t wait to dust off my rollerblades.”
Council member Daphne Tenorio joked that once the pavilion is completely, “I think we should challenge our fair contractor to a game of roller hockey – him against the council.”

“I think we’re sitting ducks,” responded Council member Tracy Scheel.

“It would be a great way to generate funds for the next project,” Tenorio responded.

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