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Just the other day, I was doing some very important investigative research online, and after I ascertained all the facts and evaluated the data, I set my fantasy football lineup for this week. Once I was done with that weekly task, I clicked over to Facebook to see whose birthday I had forgotten. After a few minutes scrolling through the unsocial media, I came across a story posted by some travel magazine titled “The 50 Friendliest States in America.” Well, that title aroused my curiosity a bit so I thought I’d check it out.

It was no bombshell to see New York sitting at 50th place. Now, to be fair, I have never been to New York. Heck, I’ve never been north of the Mason-Dixon Line except to switch planes in Chicago. I have been informed by friends and family who had visited New York City that it is crowded and full of unfriendly folks. I don’t know if unsociable people flock to New York or if the Big Apple is rotten and turns folks surly.

You know, it might have something to do with the weather up in New England that causes residents to get their drawers twisted. Delaware is ranked 48th and Massachusetts is sitting at 47 with New Jersey and New Hampshire hanging right with them as the least friendly states. Again, I admit I have never been to any of these states. They all might be fairly nice once you get out into the rural areas, but I don’t like visiting any state that doesn’t offer grits on their breakfast menu.

I’m a little shocked to see Nevada ranked at 43. I have been to Vegas several times and most of the residents I dealt with were right friendly. Heck, there were some gals walking along the sidewalks who were extremely friendly to me. Some even offered to be my tour guide and show me a good time. I always turned them down because I was more interested in sitting down at a $5 buffet for 3 hours.

California came in at number 40. I recently landed at LAX to change planes to get to Las Vegas, hoping to find that nice tour guide I met the year before and ask her about good buffets. I have to admit, the airport employees and most of the travelers there in L.A. were extremely rude. I know California is a big state, and there are probably some spots that have lots of friendly folks living there, but I met no angels in Los Angeles.

I’m gonna jump down a ways in the ranking to #23. Mississippi holds this spot, and I have spent some time in that state and met lots of friendly people there. Alabama is 21st, and I have found friendly folks there, too. I can’t vouch for the folks in Tuscaloosa, but along the coast, they’re a friendly bunch. Plus they know how to cook grits.

I went to New Mexico last summer, so I was pleasantly surprised to see them sitting at 17th place. Just about everyone I met in Ruidoso and Cloudcroft were very friendly. I’m guessing living in such a beautiful state tends to make you a friendly sort, unless you are a Mescalero Apache. Some still aren’t too sociable towards us fair-skinned folks.

Texas dropped to #4. We used to be #1. Heck, our state’s name is derived from a word meaning “friendly.” How can we be in 4th place? If you are wondering how we lost top billing, just ask the fella on the adjacent barstool where he’s from. Don’t be surprised if he says California or New York. What’s that saying about one bad apple?

Tennessee is the 2nd friendliest state, and you’ll get no argument from me. I lived in Tennessee for eight years and frequently return to the Volunteer State. Lots of friendly folks, good southern cookin’ and some fine corn squeezin’ can be found in Tennessee.

So, you’re wondering who’s #1 this year, huh? Well, dang if it’s not Minnesota. I have never been to that state, but I have met some really friendly folks from Minnesota who like to visit Texas during wintertime. Minnesota is the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” so I reckon most of the folks up there like to fish, and I’ve never met an unfriendly fisherman. Minnesota sounds like a nice place for me to visit next summer. I wonder if they serve grits up there.

Clint Younts might just want to visit Minnesota to check out the fishing. But his idea of fishing is sitting on the beach in Port A and fishin’ a cold one out of a nearby cooler. Just sayin’

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