Wastewater project in Wimberley to be completed by 2020

Though this year is coming to an end, officials in Wimberley still think they can complete the wastewater project in 2020.

Wimberley city council is willing to meet as often as possible to make a June 2020 deadline, however, a timeline for that date won’t be set until a January 2020 meeting.

City Administrator Shawn Cox said that come January the wastewater project will be in its homestretch.

“After January 2020, we’re not talking about contracts, easement acquisition or where we’re going to go, we will know,” Cox said. “I don’t want to shift on the June 2020 goal. However, what we need to accomplish that goal, we will do.”

Cox said the Aqua Texas contract is close to being finalized once background easement connection work is completed.

“Not knowing exactly where we are connecting the missing piece of that puzzle is what stopped us from finalizing that contract. All the leg work for the contract has been completed. Once plumbers and engineers tell us this is the route you can take, we will know the costs and get that done and go to Aqua Texas and say we’re ready to finalize this contract,” Cox said.

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