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P&Z approves rezoning for new mixed-use commercial development

The Kyle Planning and Zoning Commission approved new retail space at its Nov. 12 meeting. The planned mixed-use development will occur along Interstate 35 sandwiched between the correctional facility and the convenience store to the north.

The project will now go before the city council for their approval.

The commission’s action was in two parts – first, to assign original zoning to approximately 7.027 acres of land from agricultural land to rezone 2.495 acres from Commercial 2 district to Retail Services.

All told, that is 12.666 acres of property. The new zoning allows businesses like restaurants, retail buildings, offices and other service-oriented undertakings. Three of the pads will face the interstate, while the rest will have access from FM 150 and Hill Street.

Application material indicated that the area already has water, wastewater and electric services.

One commissioner raised a question about a possible buffer zone. City planner William Atkinson clarified that such buffer zones are only required in residential areas, not commercial.

“The area is highly commercial,” Atkinson told commissioners, adding that the development “should help increase property taxes and sales taxes, hopefully … you should have retail there. Staff has no issues recommending this and ask that you support it.”

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