For the Birds …

Re: “Cockfighting investigated in Buda’s Rolling Hills,” Nov. 27 Hays Free Press.

If you can’t feed them do not take them. These birds could have been held in place. The cages they were in and the feed needed to care for them was all at hand. Just get a judicial order for Do Not Remove Under Penalty of Law. However we all understand that if things go well the owner may continue to own his birds. When the birds are removed then the grieved care givers may pray to the court (beg) to have the birds killed, oops, euthanized. We are watching you San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter. Taking the animals does not give you ownership. A property owner has a right to just compensation for property taken by the Government. A court order to kill the animals does not cancel the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution.

Jim Demoruelle

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