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Koch chosen as Kyle’s new mayor pro tem

Rick Koch was chosen as Kyle’s new mayor pro tem in a unanimous city council vote Dec. 3. He replaced council member Dex Ellison, who had held the position for the past year.

“I would be honored to be mayor pro tem and am honored to work with you all everyday,” Koch said prior to the vote.

Mayor Travis Mitchell kicked off the discussion by thanking Ellison for his service. “I’m proud of the way he’s always been willing to go to events when I could not be there and the mayor was requested,” he said. “You’ve done a fantastic job.”

Ellison replied that it was his honor to serve. “It is a duty I took very seriously and I appreciate the support of the council.”

Ellison went on to nominate Koch, someone he said “would have some experience leading parliamentary meetings.”

Council member Robert Rizo nominated fellow member Alex Villalobos; however Villalobos declined. “With the multiple hats that I wear … I think it would be a stretch to fill,” he said. “I would love to take that on, but I think it would be too much at this point.”

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