Most municipalities ending year with sales tax allocation increase

With the exception of Mountain City, all of Hays County’s taxing municipalities are ending the year on a positive note when it comes to the percentage of sales taxes allocated from the office of the State Comptroller.

The year’s final allocations were delivered this week, revealing how much ground was gained or lost in sales tax allocations compared to a year ago.

The biggest gain, 29.73 percent, was in Niederwald. Niederwald’s December allocation of $4,297.48 was 42.32 percent higher than December of last year. Niederwald, which has a sales tax rate of 1 percent, was allocated $51,384.87 in 2019.

The second biggest increase was seen in Hays City, where allocations grew by 23.05 percent over last year. Hays City’s December allocation was $1,167.47, 14.13 percent higher than in December 2018. In total, Hays City was allocated $19,567.97 this year. Hays City’s tax rate is 1 percent.

Dripping Springs came in with the third largest increase, 17.46 percent. The city was allocated $268.784.59 this month, 7.89 percent more than a year ago. Dripping Springs received allocations totaling $2,804,423.75 this year, based on a sales tax rate of 1.25 percent

Woodcreek saw an increase of 16.53 percent for the year. With a sales tax rate of 1 percent, Woodcreek received a December allocation of $5,604.76, up 39.22 percent from last year. Woodcreek has been allocated a total of $61,331.02 this year.

Buda’s sales tax allocations increased by 11.75 percent, with a December payment of $717,418.87, 33.89 percent higher than last year. Buda, which has a sales tax rate of 1.5 percent, was allocated $76,662,832.09 during 2019.

Kyle saw a monthly payment of $743,386.97, up a scant .86 percent from a year ago. The city sees an annual increase of 9.91 percent, though, with a total of $8,892,338.85 allocated so far this year. Kyle’s sales tax rate is 1.5 percent.

Uhland, meanwhile, ends the year with an increase of 9.05 percent. Uhland’s December allocation was $18,547.35 and its sales tax rate 1.5 percent. During 2019, Uhland was allocated $230,372.34.

San Marcos, which was allocated $37,775,468.70 this year, has a sales tax rate of 1.5 percent and saw a December allocation of $28,854,070.34. San Marcos ends the year up 7.44 percent.

Wimberley had total allocations of $960,638.45 this year, with a December payment of $82, 061.58, which was down 10.87 from last year. Wimberley’s sales tax rate is 1 percent.

Mountain City ends the year with a deficit of 7.86 percent. The city saw a $1,267.77 December payment which was down 14.5 percent from the year prior. Mountain City has a 1 percent sales tax rate.

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