New Mt. City message board memorializes former mayor

The ribbon cutting for the new message board, Drew Hilton’s Eagle Scout project, is Saturday from 10:30 to 11 a.m. at city hall field. The board with bench was built to memorialize Philip Taylor, who was serving as mayor when he was killed in a rollover accident on FM 2770 on March 28, 2019.

Drew collected money for his project with GoFundMe. It was approved by the city council.

The board features solar lights so announcements can be read at night.

For those who did not see the back side of the Big Oak Tree, a photo taken by Amy (aka “Mountain City Fun”) Haffelder of the back side of Drew Hilton’s Eagle Scout project shows the tree’s most beautiful side.

All scallops were lovingly added to the tree by Brian Porterfield from a tall ladder set in the bed of his big pickup truck. Porterfield gave it his all (even with a bad back) to make a beautiful display for Mountain City.

Coyotes killed an animal on Maple between Live Oak and Juniper around 4:30 a.m. on Christmas Eve. Sylvia Coffey clearly heard the kill from her house on Ash, as she was outside putting out food for wildlife. 

We’re a little city still somewhat out in the country. Wild animals roam. It’s not often, but it’s not unusual, to hear of a missing pet who was let out at night. And chicken feathers sometimes are found when a chicken goes missing.

The Hauptrief’s have two new long-haired black and tan dachshund puppies, Rudy and Roscoe. Chelsea reported on Facebook, “Even though no pup can replace the love we had for Louis, these two adorable brothers are helping us heal.” (Louis was killed on Live Oak Drive by a driver who did not stop.)

Prior to New Year’s Eve, Mayor Ralph McClendon sent a reminder that fireworks are not allowed in Mountain City.

DisposeAll picked up garbage on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. When Greg presented his plan to the city council several years back, he gave word that DisposeAll would pick up on holidays. He says he loves picking up trash. 

We can help DisposeAll by sorting out recyclables from household garbage. Plastic and paper and metal and glass need not be separated, and DisposeAll provides recycle bins. It costs more to dump recyclables than household garbage. 

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