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Looking through the news these past few days has been difficult. While I was going to write about the mega-fire in Australia and also about the fear of war, the two national columnists printed here today spoke with such passion that I could not match it.

While I would not have been as harsh as John Young in his laying the blame at President Trump’s feet, I still believe that our step toward war with Iran was not a small one.

And our long slow step toward environmental destruction is just one cause of the massive wildfires in Australia.

There’s not much more I can say except we need to make changes.

I look at my young grandson and wonder what the world will look like when he is an adult.

Will we have taken our environment and the problems of global changes seriously? Or, will he be faced with the death of the earth?

Because that’s where we are headed.

We need to heed to warnings of scientists and not mock them. We need to know that our dependency on fossil fuels is detrimental to mother earth.

These steps toward war and toward environmental destruction are very real.

Let’s hope that thoughtful people will rise up and say, “That’s enough.”

The time is now.

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