Tensions boil over during WISD School Board meeting

By Camelia Juarez

WISD School Board members did not discuss appropriate uses for the Wimberley Texan logo as the agenda has planned during their most recent meeting. 

However, the lack of discussion has left community members and school board members frustrated to the point of personally attacking one another.

During Monday’s meeting, community member Armando Perez shared a story about how another student brought his daughter comfort on her first day of school. 

Perez linked his anecdote to Lori Olson’s Facebook post, which signaled comfort and acceptance to students in the district. 

In his anecdote, the student who brought his nervous daughter comfort was school board member Ken Strange’s daughter. 

“I was thinking, what does she think of all this. My dad is supporting hatred and bigotry. It’s not a cool thing,” Perez said.

Before Perez finished his comment, Strange said, “When do I get to make a comment?” 

Strange got up from his seat and walked up to the podium next to Perez. Strange appeared to be upset. 

“I would like to set the record straight. No one here is supporting hatred and bigotry. These people up here are trying to make this the best district it can possibly be,” Strange said. 

While standing next to Strange, Perez asked if this behavior is normal and Strange responded, “No.”

Before anyone could say another word, board members called for a recess and left for about 20 minutes. 

When board members returned, Strange apologized. 

“I’d like to apologize to all of ya’ll out there and my board members up here. It’s been difficult. These guys are really working hard to make this good and I’m really embarrassed and I’m really sorry. I just want ya’ll to know that we passionately care about every child in this district,” Strange said. 

His apology was interrupted by a gay-couple who voiced their support for Strange. Perez asked the couple, “What grade are you in?” and they responded, “What grade are you in?”

After the series of interruptions, the meeting was adjourned.  

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