Moo neighbors in Mt. City

Sometimes life in Mountain City can only be understood by those who’ve been here awhile. Last week, a post showed up in NextDoor, “There are cows in front of a house on Maple Drive.”

According to the emoji response, this brought laughs. It’s just funny, seeing cows on a city street. Someone joked, “Did you check if they were microchipped?”

Until the rancher back behind Maple sent a particular bovine being to auction, there was no fence that would hold back a gal hell-bent on eating the hay from our Nativity scene. This year, with the rancher’s permission, we’ll toss the leftover hay over the fence. reports 76 percent of Mountain City households now registered. It’s an effective way to communicate with the citizenry. Outgoing posts can go only to those in Mountain City or to those in Mountain City and numerous “nearby” neighborhoods.

The ribbon cutting for the new message board constructed as Drew Hilton’s Eagle Scout project brought a nice crowd of neighbors, visitors and the Brownie troop that meets at City Hall. As folks came up, lively music filled the air. It was only when someone asked that the music be turned down during the ceremony that it came to light that the music was coming from the stadium. Life in Mountain City!

Judge Beth Smith read a lengthy list of Drew’s accomplishments, mentioning the quantity of volunteer hours he has given just through Loving Mountain City. Loving Mountain City offers selfless service opportunities for all in Mountain City.

Did you include “selfless service” in your resolutions? Watch the Facebook page of Loving Mountain City or send an email to to sign up as a volunteer.

Already, Loving Mountain City’s Facebook asks for little prizes for the Easter Egg Hunt. Christmas clearance sales can produce amazing “stocking stuffers” for as little as a quarter. Drop off donations at the 301 Live Oak Drive front porch at any time. It’s never too early!

Sandra Bryant and Commissioner Mark Jones, two selfless servants from outside of Mountain City, took the time to attend the ribbon cutting to support Drew and honor the late Mayor Philip Taylor.

It seemed the commissioner came incognito. Without his cowboy hat, his voice and smile gave him away.

If you watch Mark Jones’ Facebook, you saw on Monday that the latest completion date from the contractor on FM 1626 is April 2020.

On the city’s Facebook, there’s new word of the city’s “new” website, developed by alderperson Cyndie Holmes.  There’s a link to pay your water bill by credit card. The link to Hays County Emergency Information gives word on whether or not we’re under a burn ban. (We are not.) Upcoming Events shows Loving Mountain City events as well as council meetings. Check it out.

For several weeks, Eastern Bluebirds have been checking out the bluebird nestbox in our front yard.

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