Buda initiates free, limited time microchipping pets

Stray and lost animals aren’t a problem unique to any city or region, yet it’s one many municipalities struggle to deal with.

Late last year the city of Buda decided on a course of action to help displaced animals to be reunited with their owners.

On Jan. 16, the Buda Police Department rolled out an ambitious nine-month program of microchipping pets for free – and just as importantly, requiring pet owners to fill out paperwork ensuring that the chips are properly registered.

According to the ordinance passed in 2019, all animals over the age of four months must be chipped and registered with the city of Buda.

The microchipping will be done for free at Buda police headquarters through September, and registration is good for the life of the pet.

In order to qualify for free microchipping, pets must have proof of a current rabies vaccination.

Registration documents can be obtained at the Police Department, 405 E. Loop Street, Building 200 or at http://www.ci.buda.tx.us/659/Implant-Booking. The same URL can be used to schedule an appointment.

City registration allows animal control to better:

• Locate an animal’s proper owner faster

• Facilitates the return of lost pets without owners having to go to the animal shelter

• Provides a point of contact between the city and pet owner should any issue arise.

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