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Why so much trash?

I have been a Hays County resident for over 39 years and I cannot believe in just the past few years how much trash is being thrown out up and down our roads and streets. The scum bags that continue to do this should be thrown in a pile of rotten sewage.

I truly believe that a lot of this trash is being thrown out by those folks coming into our area from other parts of the world where their way of life is just to dump garbage where it flies. This may sound racist but the truth is that I have witnessed it over and over as I fish on the Colorado and other area lakes. I have confronted some of these folks only to be told that they no speak English.

I have no problem with hard working folks obeying our laws coming here that said I am sure there are many other scum bags that are citizens throwing out trash as well. There are fines for doing this and all these signs that say Don’t Mess with Texas should be taken down because our weak government does not enforce them.

I would bet you that somewhere in our property tax payments that we all share in paying money to our tax comptroller towards road clean up. It is probably hid just like so much other pork.

1626 is the best example as to what a mess is taking place from east to west. I will say this about Wimberley from 150 at the end of 1626, the road is kept pretty clean and the roads going into Wimberley were nice going toward Woodcreek subdivision. It appears that many of the local citizens spend time picking up the trash. Good for them. Whatever happened to using prisoners to do the trash pickup along our highways and roads? Our bleeding heart liberal government again at work.

Just sounding off

Jim Jackson

Manchaca Texas

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