Kyle set to expand its ETJ

By Anita Miller

The Kyle City Council is poised to consider at its meeting Tuesday declaring the population of the city to be 50,000 or more and expanding the extraterritorial jurisdiction to 3.5 miles beyond the city limits.

According to the Texas Local Government Code, a city’s ETJ is determined by its population — cities with fewer than 5,000 residents have an ETJ of one-half mile. That expands to one mile for cities with between 5,000 and 24,999 residents, and to two miles when the city achieves 25,000 to 49,999 residents.

When the threshold of 50,000 is reached, the city can expand its ETJ to three and a half miles; for cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants, the ETJ is five miles.

According to agenda background material, the council will vote that Kyle had 52,327 inhabitants as of Jan. 1. That figure was determined, in part, by calculations that Kyle had 9,109 “active single family and duplex water connections on the Kyle water system on the first day of the year, as well as that there were 2,837 occupied apartment units and an unspecified “number of residences in the city limits … not connected to the city’s water system” including 2,404 connections to County Line Water Supply Corporation, 345 to Goforth Special Utility District and 849 to Monarch Utilities.

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