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“Without the element of surprise, there is no delight,” Marketing wizard, Roy Williams, in his Monday Morning Memo, shared recently.

My thoughts immediately went to bluebirds and Texas Bluebird Society

No wonder the organization has been so successful. Bluebirds bring such beautiful surprises.

What a surprise Mr. Bluebird gave to me when he, a delightful harbinger of hope, sat on a front yard nestbox when I returned home with Ron Tom after his knee replacement in mid-February.

What a surprise when I turned off the lawnmower that Sunday and heard a sweet chortle in the backyard. Filled with delight, I invited RonTom to sit on back porch with me. A bluebird landed on a nestbox back there.

Always the surprise appearance of various elements of nesting /NestWatch‘ing (courtship, nesting material, blue eggs, hatchlings, empty nest) bring delight.

Who would not want their life filled with this? For RonTom and me, getting to this point (with bluebirds in front yard and in the back), was 20 years in the making.

For those with appropriate habitat, a bluebird nestbox brings the hope of attracting a bluebird through the provision of a missing element – a cavity for nesting.

Thank you, God, for bluebirds in Mountain City.

If you’d like a bluebird nestbox, I’m a volunteer Nestbox Distributor for Texas Bluebird Society, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. With a $20 new membership purchased face-to-face through a distributor, the organization gives a free nestbox. Nestboxes can be purchased for $25 including sales tax.

How was your Valentine’s Day? 

A few of you have followed this column for years and will not be surprised that RonTom gave to me the same old Valentine. Before heading to the hospital for his knee replacement, he pulled out the card in its tattered envelope. The morning he returned home from surgery was Valentine’s Day. He presented to me the now priceless Valentine from the mid-70s that moved into a manila envelope after several years. It reads “To My Valentine for “ and each year, year after year, is “x’d” through as a new year gets added.

I created a cape for KissMe with a white and red fabric Valentine placemat and binder clip. He made an adorable Valentine carrier.

Many in Mountain City checked on RonTom, some from the street and some through FaceBook. Peggy Meador, our YMCA arthritis aqua exercise instructor, had the class sign a get well card for him and it was hand delivered by Brett Meador. For all the prayers and sentiments, we are grateful.

Congratulations to Drew Hilton on earning Eagle Scout status in February.

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