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Letter to the Editor

It’s time for Buda to change its slogan from “Breathe Easy Here” to “Pack Some Snacks for the Traffic Jam.”

I understand that growth is inevitable, but can’t those in charge of approving all these new subdivisions along 967 (a two-lane highway with a turning lane) do more to address the current traffic shortcomings? 

Why not make the developers provide I-35 access to The Colony at Cole Springs and The Bailey Tract rather than funneling another two or three thousand cars through downtown Buda twice a day? Don’t appease us by saying 45 will eventually connect to I-35. We saw how long that last section took.

Maybe it’s time for Buda City Council to address the current problems its residents face before worrying about increasing their tax coffers through uncontrolled growth.

Philip Dunham

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