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Thanks for spreading the cheer

Dear Editor,

Tonight we here in Kyle had the nicest surprise. Been house bound for 8 days and counting.

We are seniors and were trying to find something we haven’t already seen on TV. All of a sudden there were car horns screaming and honking. We ran to the front door to find a cavalcade of cars going by waving and yelling Hello to everyone!!!! You have no idea how this lifted our spirits. To think our residents cared enough to share their time and efforts to show there are still people who care and have not forgotten us. And in case anyone has ever forgotten when the going gets tough, Americans will always stand together.  

I don’t tweet or Facebook, so thought I would try e-mail to get the word out about how much this was appreciated. It warmed my heart, raised my spirits and renewed my Faith.

Best regards and heartfelt thanks,

Betty Anderson 


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