Buda, Kyle road construction continues

There is a job that the coronavirus will not stop in the cities of Kyle and Buda – road construction.

During a time where work is conducted from makeshift home offices, and where trips to the grocery store have become the epicenter of socializing, it seems that the only “normal” is city construction.

“It’s kind of nice to see some normalcy,” said Samantha Armbruster, director of communications for the city of Kyle.

Of course, even those who continue to work in their regular settings have guidelines to follow. Companies are setting protocols for Buda’s professional services personnel, contractors and their subcontractors.

Armbruster said that in Kyle, construction workers must follow the 6-foot distancing rules and wear personal protective equipment, which so far, they have had no trouble acquiring.

For the time being, COVID-19 guidelines do not prohibit construction work, and if at one point it is deemed that these employees cannot work safely, then the city will follow accordingly, Armbruster added.

Continuance of all project efforts is governed by the federal, state, county and city mandates, warnings and informational statements. If the city of Buda receives updates to cease work, the guidelines will be followed immediately.

Both Kyle and Buda will continue to follow higher order to see whether construction needs to pause, but for now, construction work is considered essential.

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