Sometimes it brings out the best

There are certainly times when the stress of the COVID-19 quarantine and confinement brings out the worst in people.

But at other times, it seems people are bending over backwards to be nice, to help each other out, to pass it forward.

That was brought front and center to the Barton Publications staff last week when a small check showed up in the mail. It said, “In appreciation of dropping the paywall.”

This person was already a subscriber and just sent in a check to keep their subscription going even longer and to let us know that our policy change during these trying times was appreciated.

For that, we say “Thank you.”

There are lots of people to thank these days. Sure, there are all of the nurses, doctors, EMTs and other folks in the medical field who are working overtime.

But let’s think of all the other folks who are working behind the scenes.

I’m talking about the PEC employees. Our electricity is still running strong, and they are out there working all the time. Especially with the recent storms, it is great to know that they still smile and wave at they continue to work.

Grocery store employees have been slammed. The stress level at the H-E-B has to be at an all-time high. You can see it in the eyes of the employees, but they still smile, ask that you stay in line, and greet everyone. So to you guys, thanks.

Postal and bank employees are also continuing to work long and hard to make sure packages are delivered and that checks are being deposited.

Road workers and city employees are making sure that roads are paved, that the sewer system is flowing, that the water remains on and that the sidewalks are clear and grass is mowed.

Health insurance and life insurance employees are still at work, as are reporters, editors, ad sales people, Chamber of Commerce employees, county workers and more. School district folks are trying to get kids to work online, and probably pulling their hair out about it.

And, of course, so many parents are having to work from home, maintaining their jobs while trying to make sure their children do their homework.

Basically, many people are still working as best as they can. If they work for an employer who is not laying people off, they are doing whatever possible to stay afloat and keep going.

So, pat yourselves on the back. We will get through this scare, we will come back, and we will one day all be in offices together again.

So smile and wave hello to each other. Pass on a bit of cheer, because everyone needs it.

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