Messages of faith in Mt. City

A walk along Live Oak Drive offers messages of faith on lawns, intended for encouragement.

First, you’ll come to a yard sign with gigantic individual letters, not quite midway on left. Spelled out in large yellow letters it reads, “Be Still and Know That I am God.”

A few houses down is the home of Mayor Ralph and Marcia McClendon with the gigantic red “JOY” with white cutout within the “O” of Jesus in the manger with Mary and Joseph, from their Christmas display. And, they have a new brown sign with white “Romans 12:12.:

Go a block more, and on the right see a gigantic cross erected by Roland and Mary Garza at the corner of Live Oak Drive and Ash.

Just past Maple, near the end of Live Oak Drive, RonTom and I added to the stone bench on the swale near the street a “Walk By Faith” metal sign beneath the rusty iron cross that we used in our nativity scene.

While you’re at our place, watch for butterflies and Painted Buntings and many native plants in bloom.

You cannot see this from the street, but the nestboxes on the lawn are providing the needed cavity for cavity-nesting birds nestlings including Bewick’s Wren and Tufted Titmouse. Carolina Chickadee babies fledged in April.

You may see where I’ve added some feeders with rotten bananas and apple cider vinegar trying to attract flies Yes! I want to attract flies for the Ash-throated Flycatcher and Great-Crested Flycatcher. Both commence nesting in mid-May, and we have nestboxes the appropriate size for each of these species. RonTom and I have seen Ash-throated Flycatchers in recent weeks. And, every day we hear the “Wheep!” of the Great-crested Flycatcher.

I planted Dutchman’s Pipevine with stinky flowers out near the street hoping to provide flying insects for flycatchers. But, it’s not blooming now.

Elaine and Philip Kiernan, who lived at the end of Live Oak Drive and moved in April after their house quickly sold
for the asking price, close this week on a lovely new house in the Phoenix area. They’re living now near family.

Thank goodness for Facebook in order to stay in touch.

On the Loving Mountain City (LMC) Facebook, find word that LMC encourages each house to place a pinwheel near mailbox on Mother’s Day (that’s this Sunday!)

LMC’s Facebook also gives word that Yard Sale Day has been postponed to September to coincide with the City’s Dumpster Days, one week beforehand.

And, LMC’s big news is a new initiative started by Marjie , Yard of the Week. There’s a form on the Facebook page to submit nominations.

No need for a form to submit tidbits. Just send an email to ptom5678@ (subject: tidbit.)
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