These folks deserve consideration

We are, undoubtedly, experiencing a watershed moment in American history.

Throughout the history of this nation, when faced with difficult circumstances, the greatest of us rise to occasion.
Today, those are our health care professionals. These individuals, putting their lives on the line every day so
that they can protect the lives of others, are worthy of our highest praise. In addition to the array of essential workers toiling in order to keep our nation functioning, the doctors and nurses treating our sick deserve the highest praise, of this there is no doubt. However, there are a group of people who have had their norms completely upended, and yet are asked to maintain, or even grow in their work. These people have had all social, emotional and intellectual maturation altered, right at the point in their lives where stability is crucial. Much has been asked of them, and yet little recognition is given. These are America’s students.

We hear frequently about how much more recognizable the value of a teacher is today, and while that may be true, that is a conversation for another day. Today, the discussion should be about the seemingly insurmountable tasks our students have been given. We’ve tasked them with continuing to process, to learn, to grow – while removing all of the structures in doing so they have ever known. Yet, in the face of this paradigm shift, you hear no cacophony of complaints. Saddened by missing out on events? Sure. Stress from an inflated workload? At times. What you do not hear is genuine anger. Our children have taken this head on, with grit and determination,
steadfast in their quest for betterment.

When we speak of essential work, is getting an education not one of the most essential duties we call on citizens
to perform? Schools, serving as the backbones of our communities, are the factories generating the most valuable assets … our future. The young men and women are now home, doing whatever is asked of them to help their family: some working on their education, some working to provide in these challenging times, many doing both. This is the generation that is going to be doing the hard work of innovating, creating and laboring us out of the financial hole we are digging to resolve our current troubles. While many of us are focused on right now, they stay dedicated to tomorrow. I find it admirable and worthy of praise. I’m not saying we need to throw
students a parade, but perhaps a few words of encouragement to break the glow of distance learning coming from their devices.

David D. Abdelmaseih,
a Kyle resident, now teaches at San Marcos High school.

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