Bringing back some kind of normal

It’s tough to think ahead and figure out what the new
normal will be.

The FED chair is predicting 25% unemployment
before this COVID-19 pandemic is over, a vaccine is in
the works but not going to be ready for many months
for the mass public, there is uncertainty about whether
colleges will have classes in person, online or a combination
of the two.

But Hays CISD is trying to give the 2020 graduates of
Live Oak Academy, Hays High and Lehman High some
kind of normal.

These students will certainly have a lot to remember
when they have left for college and jobs. They probably
will remember 2020 with some kind of anxiety, as will the
general public. They will remember the self-quarantining.
They might even consider face masks as the new normal.

But a sense of normalcy will be retained as the graduates
will get a chance to walk the stage to get their diplomas.

And Hays CISD officials should be congratulated on trying
to give students some kind of ceremony, even if some
in the public cringe at the thought of a large gathering.

Hays CISD had Strahan Coliseum reserved for the
event, as has been the case now for many years. The
district even delayed graduation there, but Texas State
University cancelled all events at the college coliseum.

Now graduation for HCISD seniors is being delayed
until June 25-26. The event will be held at Shelton Stadium,
as was done at least six to seven years ago. There
will be restrictions – only two people for each graduate
will be allowed in the Shelton Stadium stands, and everyone
will have to strictly follow rules about distancing
while waiting for graduates to walk the stage.

Others wanting to watch the event can see it online,
as HCISD is going to live-stream graduation.

Hays CISD is also publishing dedicated webpages listing
each graduate, and giving out congratulatory yard signs.

The Hays Free Press, as it has done in years past, will be
printing its Graduation Edition, which parents will be able
to pick up at the graduation event, and subscribers will
receive in the newspapers. It makes good reading while
waiting for festivities to begin, and parents put in so many
baby photos that it has become a keepsake over the years.

With all of these things happening together for graduation
2020, we all gather together to try bring about
some kind of normalcy for these students.

In the meantime, stay safe, wear your mask, wash
your hands and stay away from each other. We certainly
don’t want these graduation events to be a petri dish
for a local outbreak.

• Shelton Stadium, Hays High campus

• Live Oak Academy, 10 a.m., June 25
• Hays High, 8 p.m., June 25
• Lehman High, 8 p.m., June 26

Seniors can pick up caps and gowns, graduation cords, yard
signs and letter jackets May 26. Each campus will have its
own plan for pickup.

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