Life is grand

Yard of the Week signs pop up faster than this column gets written /published, and one was missed at the beginning. Congratulations to:

· Sally Kachoris on Pin Oak Court

· James and Dianne Polk on Pin Oak Drive

· Jeff and Vicki Senefeld on Live Oak Drive

· Beth and Mitch Phillips on Pin Oak Drive

We don’t get out a lot nowadays. But, just walking the Live Oak cul-de-sac to Maple to Juniper to Ash and back to Live Oak, there’s quite a bit to experience.

KissMe hardly gets out the door without special attention if there’s a child in sight. A sign at our front door says, “Beware: Dog cannot hold its licker.” Nothing could be more true when KissMe meets a child. Will was staying across the street with his grandparents, The Polleys, and could not get enough of seeing KissMe. Will came to visit KissMe before returning home.

As soon as we turned onto Maple, one week we saw a gigantic letters spelling “Happy 16th Birthday, Sam” at The Williams. Now, there are 2020 graduate signs for Caitlyn.

A few doors down, a curly-haired toddler made friends with KissMe. He sat in the street, tickled, as KissMe licked and licked, with his mom and a neighbor visiting with us at a social distance.

Along Maple, it’s vivid to see how some have done a fabulous job clearing their stormwater drainage “ditch”, and, their entire driveway culverts are entirely open. This is a city requirement. Since houses in this section were built about 40 years ago, sediment has built up. It takes a lot of work to keep them clear.

On around on Ash, we missed the “Happy Retirement, Sylvia” large letters for Sylvia Coffey. RonTom saw the staging of the parade, but didn’t know the reason. We hate we missed it.

The Garzas on Live Oak at Ash had two yard signs in recent weeks, too. First was a “Happy Birthday” on May 20. Now, they, too, have a 2020 Graduate sign for Angela.

Right around that corner we reach Laverne McClendon’s. Oh my! Is she ever enjoying wildlife! LaVerne wrote on Facebook:

I declare I think that the animals believe they have found a sanctuary in my yard.

I have one mama doe, two baby fawns frolicking in the backyard and hiding in the bushes, three bright red cardinals with babies, four hummingbirds fighting for the nectar, five bright green chameleons changing colors, six rusty lizards speeding across the driveway, seven blacktail wood ants crawling up the shop wall, eight to 100 digging armadillos messing up my yard, and one lonely wood ant crawling in my hair. Life is grand.

I thought “Life is grand” when I ordered groceries from Whole Foods through Amazon while walking around the block on Sunday after watching 8:30 a.m. worship on FaceBook live. Groceries were delivered in time for lunch. What an ordeal was grocery shopping when it was a drive to Austin or San Marcos.

It’s easy to furnish a tidbit. Email (subject: tidbit). Thanks! Love to you, Pauline

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