Amazon to bring 100s of jobs to Buda

The coronavirus pandemic has put millions of Americans out of work, and Hays County was no exception when the unemployment rate rose to 12.8 percent in April. Still, there may be a saving grace that will open hundreds of jobs in Buda.

An Amazon shipping center plans to open outside of Buda’s city limits sometime later this year, and it is expected to bring hundreds of part-time and full-time jobs. Since the facility will be outside of the city limits, property taxes will be paid to the county and not the city of Buda.

Wages start at $15 per hour, and offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to build their own business delivering packages on behalf of Amazon. Even though the location has been set and opening has been officially announced, the opening date remains a mystery.

Having a large business entity choose to continue its business growth in Buda has long-term effects, besides the immediate job opportunities that it brings along.

“When a company like Amazon chooses Buda,” said Jennifer Storm, president of Buda Economic Development Corporation, “it puts us on the map and affirms that Buda is well positioned for growth with a prime location, a qualified workforce and a pro-business environment.”

Bringing the 305,000 square-foot facility, located at 2956 Main St., Park 35 to Buda did not cost the BEDC any money; Storm said that no incentives were requested nor provided. Storm added that Amazon has been looking to come to Buda since last year.

“We’re excited to increase our investment in Texas with a new delivery station in Buda,” said Amazon spokesperson Jen Crowcroft.

John Ellis of the Greater San Marcos Partnership, a public/private economic development initiative serving Hays and Caldwell counties, said the GSMP is also largely in the dark about Amazon’s plans.

“We were providing support,” he told the Hays Free Press. “There’s very little information available right now other than what’s being shared by Amazon.”

He did say the use of an existing facility makes an opening later this year possible. However, Ellis said he does not know the number of people the company plans to hire and what it meant when it referred to “permanent, full-time jobs and power job opportunities for hundreds of small businesses and independent contractors in Buda.”

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