Buda Mayor George Haehn will not seek re-election

After almost a decade of serving Buda, Mayor George Haehn has announced that he will not seek re-election in November. 

“After serving eight years, and trying my best to help the people of Buda,  it is time that I end that service due to family and other commitments. Therefore, I will not be seeking re-election in November,” he said.

Haehn was voted into office as a Buda Council member  in November 2012. He sought re-election in 2015 and then ran for mayor in 2017.  

“Mayor Haehn has done an outstanding job representing Buda as mayor and a councilmember in every way possible,” City Manager Kenneth Williams said. “I am thankful for his dedication and heartfelt service to the citizens of Buda. While I regret to see that Mayor Haehn is not seeking re-election, I respect his decision to focus on his family. I have enjoyed his strong and steady leadership which certainly makes any city manager’s job of collaborating with the city council easier.”

“After looking back, I have been in service to the people of this nation, state and city in various capacities for almost my entire adult life,” Haehn said.

Haehn joined the United States Marine Corps after high school in 1978 and retired from active duty in 1999 after over 21 years of service. Once retired, he attended the University of Texas where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in History. Haehn then became a Social Studies teacher for 7 years.     

“I cannot thank the members of city council who have helped me, from guiding me through the first term as a councilmember to today,” Haehn said.  “All of these men and women serve selflessly and I will always believe they were one of the key elements of any success I have enjoyed. It has been an honor and a privilege to have served on the city council and as mayor of Buda. I will always remember this time of my life and the kind people of this city.”

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