It’s time to do away with the mascot

Ms. Orozco, Mr. McManus, Ms. Patrea, Mr. Vela, Mr. Tenorio,Dr. Sanchez, and Ms. Keller,

I am emailing to ask that you aggressively take action towards changing the Hays High nickname of “Rebels” to something else. As you know, due to their historical representation of prejudice, suppression and injustice against African Americans the former song, mascot and flag associated with this adopted nickname have been changed, but that was not enough. It is now time to change the nickname as well. As a tax paying voter, who is a resident of Kyle, I ask that you take up the charge and teach our students to stand up for what is right. It will have a positive affect on our community which is important, even though it may be tough and/or unpopular.

Jerod Bledsoe

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