Juneteenth/Black Lives Matter parade in Buda

Unusual times call for unusual measures, and the COVID-19 pandemic certainly qualifies as unusual.

That’s not stopping Buda-area residents, who are putting together a Juneteenth/Black Lives Matter Car Parade for Friday, June 19. The parade will start at approximately 6 p.m.

Rich in black history because of the Antioch Colony, Buda “is fortunate to have a police department that is amazing and respects all citizens and believes in de-escalation over force,” said Buda resident Amy Grant, who owns the Therapy Center of Buda and is the mother of a biracial child.

“I appreciate the recent statements of the Buda Police Department and city manager condemning racism and pledging to do better for our black community,” Grant said, adding that the parade will also be a “tribute” to descendants of the Antioch Colony, many of whom will be participating.

Invited guests include the Buda Fire and Police departments, County Judge Ruben Becerra and family, State Rep. Erin Zwiener and family, Ray (Buda city council member) and Sandra Bryant, Kenneth Williams (Buda City Manager” and family) and other community leaders.

“This parade will celebrate Juneteenth and the descendants of the Antioch Colony as well as display solidarity with the black community and show the nation that racism has no place in Buda,” Grant said, adding that those who participate will be asked to wear masks and participate in social distancing.

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