Hays CISD to declare bond election moot in August

By Megan Wehring

The Hays CISD Board of Trustees discussed the possibility of postponing the election that was delayed to November at its meeting Monday.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the May 2020 election was originally postponed per Gov. Abbott’s directives. The administration is recommending the board to declare the bond moot for November 2020, cancelling the election.

If the board proceeds with the November election, the deadline for any revisions is Aug.17. Though there is no deadline to declare the election moot, the board is required to take action in August if it has yet to be declared moot.

While the economy and fate of the reopening of school in the fall are unknown, Board Trustee Willie Tenorio agrees with the recommendation.

“We’re not sure what the economy is going to be like by the time we get to the bond in November, especially if we have a downturn in the economy,” Tenorio said. “I think if we do declare it moot and bring it back to the voters in May, I’m not sure the voters are going to accept the package that big.”

Tim Savoy, chief communications officer for Hays CISD, wanted the board to discuss the administration’s recommendation before the final decision in August.

“We have to tell the bond counsel to either draft the moot election order for you to vote on or draft an amended election order if you decide you want to proceed,” Savoy told the Trustees at Monday’s business meeting.

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