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Plans adapted for Mt. City’s Fourth of July parade

That first case of coronavirus in Mountain City is a friend of mine.

On Day 12 of her confinement, we chatted back and forth by text.

My Mountain City friend, young and extremely healthy, wears PPE in workplace. With 8 – 10 hour workdays, a standard mask was worn, for comfort, rather than the N-95 mask.

My friend emphasizes, “Wear a mask or stay home.”

Her workplace was extremely cautious. The exposure inadvertently came through a co-worker who was unmasked in her presence who did not yet show symptoms.

“I wore all PPE but still that darned virus made it into my body.”

My Mountain City friend was not hospitalized, but “it was pretty rough for 9 days.”

Words from the survivor:

“The virus knows no gender, race. It’s spreading like wildfire.

Masks may be uncomfortable for some but they are necessary, and they are still breathable.

People do not know how they will react until it personally affects them or their loved ones.

Wear the mask out in public or stay home. Think about others.

I’d like to tell people that when I’ve seen them without a mask at the store. That was me pre-Covid. Now I stand even more firm on that.”

The survivor adds,
“While I will not live in fear, I will take precautions.“

Loving Mountain City, with Crystal Smith Dixon taking the lead, has adapted plans for the 4th of July Parade in an effort to maintain safe social distancing. The parade route, starting out at 9am, is a modified version of the “KFD Santa route”.

PARADE PARTICIPANTS – MUST be in a vehicle or golf cart, no bike riders this year. Decorate your vehicles and come be a part of the parade! Line up at City Hall at 8:45am on Saturday, July 4th. If you’d like to participate, email

PARADE SPECTATORS – Goody bags will be tossed to spectators!! Set up wearing your red, white, and blue and waving flags on your driveway or lawn or the nearest intersection and watch the parade. RonTom and I will have KissMe and his stroller decorated. Since the parade does not come to the end of Live Oak Drive, we’ll probably be near where the parade route makes a left turn onto Live Oak from Maple.

POWER WHEEL RACES (July 3) – Loving Mountain City power wheel races will be run individually and timed on Friday to maintain social distancing. Each competitor (7 and under) will be timed individually. Please text Crystal (email asking for her phone number) before arriving or to let her know what time slot your child will attend. Race time slots are on Friday, July 3:
– 9am to 10am
– 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Trophies will be delivered to the winners on the parade route.

LAWNMOWER RACES – Canceled for this year.

Be safe. Please wear a mask in public. Just today a physician told me of studies showing tremendous difference masks made in European Union.

And, please send tidbits with subject “Tidbit” to  Thanks! Love to you, Pauline

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