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Student petition questions authority of Lehman principal

By Megan Wehring

A Lehman High School student claims that principal Karen Zuniga is unfit for her position.

Lehman student Miguel Loredo started an online position hoping for the Board of Trustees to address the matter. Petitions are typically emailed to the superintendent or board members directly.

Tim Savoy, chief communication officer for Hays CISD, said petitions are only a platform for the community to express their own concerns to the Board and other administration.

“We rarely get petitions, maybe once every couple of years,” Savoy said. “For a school district, a petition has no legal binding. It is just a way for people to express their sentiments to the Board and leadership. Formal complaints are filed through the district’s grievance process.”

Though the online petition has received 69 signatures, the Hays CISD administration has yet to receive any direct notice.

Allowing for signatures and comments, the online petition addresses the community’s multiple concerns for Zuniga’s position.

“Parents, students and teachers have been questioning her administration ranging from her not being truthful about the deadly weapon a student brought to campus, which she didn’t even take precautionary measures, to her being unfit as head principal at Lehman,” the petition states.

While Zuniga was previously a principal at Science Hall Elementary School, her qualifications for the high school level are also of concern.

“Being principal of an elementary shouldn’t have qualified her to have the job as principal at Lehman,” the petition states. “There is such a big difference between an elementary school and a high school which she clearly doesn’t grasp on how important that is.”

In the comment section of the petition, students said Zuniga “ is not the best fit for our school” and “doesn’t understand the cultural difference that Lehman has.”

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