Hays admin to recommend Board change Rebel mascot 

By Megan Wehring 

Hays CISD Board of Trustees is expected to vote on possibly changing the mascot as early as later this month. 

The district sent out over 2,000 invitations to Hays students and 265 invitations to teachers and staff to complete the mascot survey within the week of June 29. On a seven-point scale, students were asked about their comfort level from very uncomfortable to very comfortable. 

According to survey results, one in four students are uncomfortable with the Rebel mascot. Fewer than half of the students are comfortable with the mascot. Over 70% of teachers and staff show little to no comfort level with the mascot. 

When making a decision, the Board may consider an online community petition with more than 1,400 signatures and a student petition with more than 500 signatures. Social media comments and feedback may also be addressed. 

According to a Hays CISD news release, the administration recognizes that a possible mascot change would not write off campus history. 

“For students, teachers, staff, and community members who rallied behind the rebel brand for more than 50 years with no nefarious or ill-intent; their good memories and moments, and accomplishments will always remain,” the statement read. 

Administration also encourages a new mascot to reflect the current Hays community. 

“Hays CISD is a much different community than it once was, and so is the world,” the statement read, “We all grow and learn. … The administration believes that it is time to change the mascot and open a new chapter at Hays High School – one that, moving forward, can be embraced and celebrated by all.”

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