August finish set for Burleson

By Megan Wehring

Kyle residents can expect to see a landscaped rain garden and sidewalks along the newly improved Burleson Street.

Many have waited years for Burleson Street to be fully accessible to the public. Kyle Director of Communications Samantha Armbruster said several problems delayed the construction project.

“There had been some rain delays for this project when it was actually raining or, in some cases, where it was just too wet for things like asphalt,” Armbruster said. “We had rain delays and of course the five-letter word: COVID … There’s always things that have to be taken into consideration when a project coincides or has any involvement with the railroad.”

The Burleson project involves crossing a Union Pacific Railroad line, requiring specialized work of boring under the rail line. The contractor on the project hired a subcontractor in order to start the three-to-four week boring work.

The original project was estimated to be $8.5 million in costs, including engineering and construction. Despite the multiple changes that needed to be made, the project is still well within the budget.

Armbruster said Burleson will have new above-ground features while still offering underground drainage improvements.

“Where there was once a dark street, it will now be a safer place to drive and walk at night,” Armbruster said.

With the railroad nearby, Project Engineer JoAnn Garcia ensures residents that the new construction will keep the area more quiet.

“For those residents that live close by, there will be a lot less noise,” Garcia said.

Armbruster said the project staff is “so lucky” to partner with the community to develop a beautiful space.

“You typically think of city crews or contractors,” Armbruster said. “In this particular project, we have had a great partnership with Kyle Landscaping who has turned what would have been a ditch into what is a really beautiful rain garden.”

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