Petition to stop property tax raise in Kyle

By Megan Wehring

Kyle resident Scott Nevil started an online petition hoping the City Council will vote against a property tax increase. 

City council wants to direct the city manager and director of finance to develop a budget and property tax rate calculations for the next fiscal year. It would be based on a 8.0 percent cap instead of a 3.5 percent cap allowed under Senate Bill 2. 

In the event of a disaster declaration, Senate Bill 2 allows for the deferral of the 3.5 percent cap and then allows for the 8.0 percent cap instead. 

Within the span of an hour, the online petition received 32 signatures. The petition addresses the community’s concerns if the tax rate changes. 

“This is simply unacceptable! With so many still out of work, we cannot expect our community to give more than they can,” the petition states. 

The petition also raises awareness for the entire community of Kyle to come together before city council votes on the matter. 

“We must stand up against this injustice and contact our representatives and make sure they are representing the people, not their agendas!” the petition states.

At the July 7council meeting, Kyle resident Victor Medina raised his own concerns about changing the tax rate during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I would hope that the council reconsider and take a second look at this due to the current situation with the COVID-19,” Medina said. “I think our city has been spending a little bit too much money on other things that are not really important.”

Kyle City Council will discuss the possible tax rate change at the budget workshop in August.

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