HCISD employee terminated

This statement was just released by Hays CISD regarding Communication Specialist David Bowe.


Update Statement Regarding David Bowe – 7/9/2020

Hays CISD terminated the employment of Communication Specialist David Bowe on July 9, 2020, for engaging in conduct that falls short of district expectations and communication that demonstrates a lack of professional judgment. The district will continue to cooperate with investigating authorities, including Child Protective Services and the Hays County Sheriff’s Office regarding any potential criminal allegations. In the role of communication specialist, Mr. Bowe was an at-will employee. However, because he holds a teacher certification in Texas, the district will also report this matter to the State Board for Educator Certification for consideration and review.

If any student, past or present, has any information that is pertinent to this case, the district encourages them to report it to the Hays County Sheriff’s Office or their local law enforcement agency.


Original Statement Regarding Hays CISD Communication Specialist David Bowe – 7/8/2020

Hays CISD was made aware of the allegations against Communication Specialist David Bowe on July 8, 2020, not long after they were posted on social media. He was immediately placed on administrative leave and the district launched an investigation. The district has also reported the matter to Child Protective Services and will be cooperating with law enforcement agencies.

Hays CISD regards student safety among the most important of its missions. All employees, regardless of position in the district, are subject to the same expectation of the highest standards of professionalism. The district has strict procedures and policy in place to ensure that allegations, such as those made in this matter, are thoroughly investigated and reported to the proper authorities; and that employees are held to account.

If any student past or present has any information that is pertinent to this case, the district encourages them to report it to their local law enforcement agency.




Original Cover Email Regarding Statement – 7/8/2020


Dear Media,


Please see the statement below regarding an employee that works in my department. At present, the district is only issuing this statement and not doing additional interviews. That is generally our standard practice when allegations are made against any district employee, especially while the investigations are underway. Because this employee is assigned to me to supervise, I need to be particularly careful to follow the practices that we have established for all other similar types of situations. I want to be certain that there is no special or different treatment for this employee because of his assigned duty station. This is also why I am sending the statement out now. On matters like this, we typically wait until we receive a media inquiry to make a statement. That occurred tonight. Once we have received multiple media inquiries, as has now happened, I generally send out the statement to everyone.


David Bowe was hired by Hays CISD as a teacher at Hay High School in August 1998. He served in that role until January 2017, when he applied for, and was hired as, the district’s communication specialist position in Central Office. He is currently on administrative leave pending the investigations referenced in the statement below.




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