‘I Do’ during COVID: the show must go on

By Megan Wehring

Weddings are supposed to be a time of love, family and celebration. How are you supposed to celebrate a wedding when everything is up in the air? 

Brides and grooms were planning away for their dream wedding until they hit a bump in the road: COVID-19. While the pandemic has been unpredictable in nature, couples were hit with discouragement to change their plans. 

Two-part weddings are the trend this season. Many couples have decided to hold a small ceremony with immediate family. Then, a month or two later, they will celebrate with a reception for the rest of their family and friends. 

Perspective from a guest 

When receiving an invitation to a wedding, I was overcome with excitement. I have been to four weddings within the last two years, expecting one more in the fall. 

Planning to be a guest at a wedding during COVID-19 can be difficult and confusing.

While I was preparing myself to attend a wedding this past weekend, the schedule seemed unclear. The bride and groom exchanged vows months before, but decided to share them again. A reception followed. 

With the original guest list of over 200 people, only about 50 people showed. Though couples may send an invitation, that doesn’t mean the recipient will attend. When COVID-19 is in the mix, the numbers drop even more. 

Face masks didn’t come into play at this wedding. Social distancing was naturally practiced with the open dance floor and available outdoor seating. 

The catering staff wore both face masks and disposable gloves. They provided individually wrapped plasticware, along with paper plates and plastic cups for the guests. 

COVID-19 weddings are not as different. In the end, if a bride and groom are happily married, that’s all that matters. 

What’s next for weddings? 

Two-part weddings will stay the trend for quite some time. Couples can share vows with a small, intimate group of family members and then have the big party when the time is right. It will be up to the bride and groom for what they want. 

A ‘normal’ wedding of over 200 guests doesn’t seem to be in the near future. Social distancing that many people will be too difficult to control, never mind making sure they all wear face masks.  

Weddings are more than the dancing, tiered cake and catered food. If the bride and groom are happily married in the end, that’s all that matters.  

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