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Mayor responds to Cummings

Ms. Cummings, the only privilege I have ever had is the privilege to serve this nation, state and city. I have the utmost respect for Council member Bryant’s perspective and dedication to this city.  Although he and I disagree, he had the courage to state his position and the courtesy to say that he respected me. As I always do, I give everyone on the dais an opportunity to speak their mind. Where was your outrage when I asked for any additional comments?

Ms. Cummings, you are a liar. You know I explicitly stated that racism does exist, that there are racist cops and that we needed to address the racism where it exists.

It seems you are a well trained Alinsky follower. Are you a fascist supporter of totalitarian regimes like that in North Korea? What was the point of your suggestion that I “commit to personal growth”?  What do you think would work Ms. Cummings,  an internment and re-education camp until I get my mind right?

You have made it apparent that you are not only prejudiced against me, but anyone you deem to be lesser than yourself.

Alinsky taught that in order to cast themselves as noble defenders of high moral principles, radical activists should take pains to react dramatically – with exaggerated displays of “shock, horror, and moral outrage” – whenever their targeted enemy erred in any way at all.

It seems you are playing the part, with your Self Righteous Indignation.

You stated:  “The passage of this resolution is a symbolic first step, important but inconsequential in and of itself. Without the hard work of self-examination and reform, multiple steps taken in concert with all involved parties – government, police, communities of color – our minority communities will continue to bear the brunt of systemic racism and institutional injustice.”

Alinsky stated,  “Given that the enemy is to be portrayed as the very personification of evil – against whom any and all tactics are fair game – the ultimate goal, is not to arrive at peaceful coexistence, but rather, to completely ‘crush the opposition’ by remaining vigilantly “dedicated to eternal war.”

I can see it now, Saint Cummings, rescuing the poor, downtrodden people from the protections provided by the Constitution of the United States, the advantages of Capitalism and an evil man like me. Last time I checked I was not raised in a nice house with a silver spoon, all provided by a lawyer daddy.

So get out of the Amen Pew, Sister Bertha Better than You, and do your job for the people of Buda as I have done for almost 8 years. I evaluate people by performance not color.

I urge the people to watch the June 16 city council meeting video, fast forward to minute 23:00, and watch for ten minutes. Draw your own conclusions.

While my delivery was rambling, not polished or rehearsed, I will not apologize for having a difference of opinion or for anything I have said or done on or off the dais. Last I heard this is the United States of America and unlike you I fought for that right.

George Haehn
Buda Mayor

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