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Catching up

In July the new Loving Mountain City FaceBook got rolling. The old Loving MountainCity (note the combined words) will no longer be active. You’ll find the new one even more valuable.

For instance, the route of the drive-through Loving Mountain City Fourth of July Parade was published along with instructions on the COVID-safe kids electric car races. An apology came afterwards, “We did drive a slightly different route, We do apologize. LMC tried to follow up on missed streets and still hand out goodies.!”

Our Hays County Emergency Service District #5 fire truck, paid with our ESD taxes, led the parade. The text on the firetruck reads “Kyle Fire Department.” It’s not “City of Kyle.” Used to be, the Hays County ESD #5 trucks and stations were only in Kyle. The signage on the fire station’s mailbox in Mountain City spells it out in abbreviated format.

LMC Facebook gave a shout out to “our local fire department who always supports our great community” and to Crystal Smith Dixon who coordinated the festivities.

Without the traditional parade, RonTom and I decked out ourselves and KissMe and his stroller in red, white and blue and paraded around the block after the parade passed by.

Two sad notes came to the LMC Facebook page recently, notices from Mountain City. Two deaths related to coronavirus have occurred here. Even without knowing the identity of the neighbors, residents posted condolences. Mountain Cityians care.

As of the most recent notice, a total of five tested positive in Mountain City. My friend, mentioned in June, recovered and returned to work.

Let me remind you, please, that inquiries from observations of the natural world in our backyards (and front yards) can be posted through iNaturalist, the website or app. With a photo, for me, identification usually comes within a day. In fact, many times the suggested identification is spot on.

Here in Mountain City, a Greater Roadrunner’s streaks can be seen fairly up close and personal as one or two or more streak through yards and along the roads. What a delightful sight. In July, a roadrunner discovered the recirculating water of our “big boulder bird bath.” Roland Garza saw one most mornings on his side yard.

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