Kyle City Council eyes delaying CIP projects

By Megan Wehring

Delays in construction are the name of the game in some cases. Kyle City Council discussed why some of the capital improvement program (CIP) projects were delayed at the Aug. 1 budget workshop.

The overall proposed budget for CIP is $76.7 million, including $250,000 for beautification corridor and citywide projects.

Councilmember Dex Ellison is concerned if the CIP projects are moving forward from the previous budget.

“If I’m going to speak frankly, it’s frustrating to go from one year to next when we set these budgets,” Ellison said. “I see the same line items I saw on my last budget last year. We need to move forward with these things.”

City of Kyle staff has met with the county regarding the Old Post Road project. Preliminary work, including the relocation of utility lines, was expected to start in the fall and winter months. Crews were expected to start the remaining work next spring.

Ellison is also concerned about the delays on the Old Post Road construction and whether the project can continue moving forward. Harper Wilder, director of public works, said COVID-19 brought all kinds of unexpected delays in itself.

“When all the COVID started, we got that they were not going to be able to do it this year,” Wilder said. “We’ve been in repeated meetings recently here trying to push to get them to go ahead and start.”

City staff is waiting anxiously to continue the project with Hays County. Though staff only has a certain amount of work to do on their part, mayor Travis Mitchell said they need to make the Old Post Road project a priority for the community of Kyle.

“Make sure at least, as far as it relates to the city of Kyle, that we are not doing anything to delay construction,” Mitchell said. “It barely qualifies as a road right now. The faster we can get that road rebuilt, the faster we can deliver something of incredible value to the folks who live in Post Oak subdivision in particular.”

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