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My city’s future

The publisher of the San Marcos Daily Record published his wish for the city’s future. His vision for San Marcos, Texas is profoundly different from my own.

Publisher Lance Winter has been working in San Marcos for three years. I have lived in San Marcos since 1972. I worked at the old Hays Memorial Hospital, Gary Job Corps, and two nursing homes. I secured my Teacher’s Certificate and Master’s Degree from Texas State University. I served on the San Marcos Consolidated School Board. As a former Scoutmaster, I lay claim to nine Eagle Scouts. I am a former United States Merchant Marine Medical Services Officer.

Winter wants San Marcos to become an Austin. I do not want in San Marcos – another Sixth Street, a police department who has declared war on Blacks, Hispanics, the mentally ill and poor Whites with fatal consequences, increased crime and more. Taxing established neighborhoods to subsidize infrastructure of opulent developments.

I want to decompress from life’s stressors safely in my own home. Those stressors include: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Customs and Border Protection, and Immigration and Custom Enforcement denying feminine hygiene products to women, allowing juveniles to die in their detention cages, the separation of nursing babies from their mothers, and summary cross border executions of juveniles who throw rocks.

Allow me to put forth a reasonable hypothesis for this disparity. At a nursing home where I worked and was fired, fellow employees who comprised the laundry and janitorial departments were 99.9% from Central American countries who worked for a mere pittance. Personal Protective Equipment was not available to them.

Direct care staff who came in two hours LATE, allowing residents to wallow in their own excrement, were not disciplined because they did not have to pay them!

Mr. Winter, please realize that racism due to colorism is a fact of life in our country. The late Senator Lloyd Bentsen, Jr. personally sent a representative to my home whereby took my complaint of the San Marcos Record publishing notification that its continual “SLAVE AUCTION” would be held on … The newspaper’s notification included a picture of the “slaves” to be auctioned with paper chains around their necks. Subsequent to this complaint, slave auctions are no longer held in the United States, its territories and possessions.

James Bryant, Jr.

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