Pet adoption goes awry: Dog rescue owner says she’s sorry for situation

By Megan Wehring

Pet adoption is one of the many joys in life. Some say it improves emotional well-being. Dogs are man’s best friend. But, what all goes into adopting a pet? What could be a simple process of filling out paperwork can go wrong with one false move.

Holly’s Hope Rescue in Buda was recently accused of breaking a contract via email. Prospective dog parent Amber Roberson was preparing to have the adopted dog transferred from Houston to Boston. Holly’s Hope Rescue founder and CEO Gayla Goertz then said she was “unable to take the dog away from her friend,” leaving Roberson with a broken contract and no furry friend.

Buda resident Sheri Brown shared her own concerns about the experience with Goertz over an email conversation.

“Sadly, my friend (who was to get the dog) is subjected to the sadness of the news along with some really questionable unprofessional behavior on your end,” Brown said. “If you are asking people to extend themselves and adopt a pet that needs a home, at the very least you should be putting the needs of that animal first, not to mention standing by your own contract.”

With the contract not explicitly addressing a change of mind, Goertz addressed her intentions with the organization’s main goal: do what is best for the animal.

“Having to make Gigi [adopted dog]travel a far way with the possibility of it not working out was a concern of mine that I decided to address at the very last minute,” Goertz said. “I understand that I should have taken more time to carefully think through each decision made, and how it was unprofessional that I had given my word to Amber that Gigi would go to her. My emotions and tears kicked into overdrive.”

Not all the pets brought into rescue centers have a positive attitude. Previous trauma can affect pets negatively. Gigi is not unknown to that. She went through three different fosters, failed several meet-and-greet sessions yet managed to find her loving self, Goetz said.

Holly’s Hope Rescue aims for the best interest of all animals and to provide them with a forever home. With her six years experience of saving animals, Goertz is embarrassed about the incident.

“I can only act with humility and ask for empathy and compassion from this moving forward,” Goertz closed out the email. “I can assure you I will utilize the mistakes I made, in addition to your criticism, as an opportunity for growth and development.”

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